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Global Gravitational Effects Before And After Strong M8.9 Earthquake In Japan On 11 March 2011 Elchin Khalilov,
Vitaly Starostenko,
Ahsan Mubarak,
Muhammad Qaisar,
Rani Sjamsinarsi,
Junun Sartohadi,
Cavit Yatman.
ULF variations of the gravitational field and instrumentation system for their registration. Dr. O.V. Martynov,
Ph.D. S.P. Kurotchenko,
MSc. S.A. Shopin,
BSc. R.V. Parshutin,
BSc. P.V. Anikeev,
Earthquake prediction using ULF variations of the gravitational field. Dr. O.V. Martynov,
Ph.D. S.P. Kurotchenko,
MSc. S.A. Shopin,
BSc. R.V. Parshutin,
BSc. P.V. Anikeev.
Geomagnetic Variations before the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake (Mw=7.6) Kuang-Jung Chen,
Bonbbon Chiu,
Cheng-Horng Lin, Jann-Yenq Liu,
Kevin Chao.
Earthquake prediction – world-wide task Pavel Kalenda,
Libor Neumann.
Seismic Noise Monitoring: Application for Large Earthquake Prediction in Kamchatka
Saltykov V..
Kamchatka Expert Council for Earthquake Forecasting: Experience and Results Saltykov V.,
Chebrov V.,
Serafimova Yu..
1) Aftershock Process of Chu Earthquake

2)Trigger Effects in Development of Induced Seismicity
Emanov A.A.,
Leskova E.V.,
Emanov A.F.,
Fateyev A.F., Demidova A.A..
What is an earthquake? Mrs. Ladan Bazgir.
Stress Transfer in Northern Algeria
and Adjacent Regions for Events m≥6 Through 1980-2004
Boughacha M.S.,
Ouyed M.,
Idres M.,
Bourmatte A..
Seismic Emission from Active Zone under Surface Rupture Arising after Strong Earthquake Kolesnikov Yu.I.,
Hogoev E.A..
Mantle velocity structure under East Europe and Vrancea earthquakes

Tsvetkova T.,
Bugaienko I.,
Kendzera A.,
Starostenko V..

Estimation of Qs in East of Iran, Using Strong Motion Accelerograms of Rigan Earthquakes (2010 & 2011)
M. Safarshahi,
H. Hamzehloo,
M. Rezapour.
1)Preparation of seismic hazard map in Qazvin province

2) Daily Discharge Forecasting using Support Vector Machine
M. Moharrampur,
M. Jahangir Bakht,
M. Sadeghi Moghaddam,
A. Mehrabi,
M. Katuzi.
On the Problem of Strong Earthquakes Prevention Shamil A. Mukhamediev.
The possible position of future large earthquake on the Jiangsu-Shandong segment of Tan-Lu Fault Zone, China
Li Qinghe.
1) Short-Term Prediction of Marine Earthquakes and Tsunamis

2) Seismicity, As a Phenomenon of Global Scale
Kapochkin B.B.,
Kucherenko N.V.,
Kapochkina A.B,
Kapochkina M.B.,
Uchytel I.L.,
Jaroshenko V.N..
The Forecast of Earthquakes Today: Challenges and Solutions Koronovsky N.V.,
Naimark A.A..
Spatial Distribution of Maximal Earthquake Effects in the Red Sea Region
Nassir S. N. Al-Arifi.
Assessment of the seismic site effects based on earthquake recordings and in situ borehole measurements in Bucharest, Romania Andrei Bala,
Alexandru Aldea,
Stefan Florin Balan,
Cristian Arion.
Applicability of the restricted epidemic type aftershock sequence (RETAS) model to describe general seismicity in the area of the Izmit M7.4 earthquake of August 1999 Dragomir Gospodinov.
Earthquake Predictability? - Present Scenario and Future Prospects in India and Neighbourhood Daya Shanker.
Integration of Geophysical Parameters Analysis in the Earthquake Predictability Boko Nurdiyanto,
Hendri Subakti,
I Putu Pudja.
Displaying of the Fields Induced by a Fault in an Interactive Mode: Application to the El-Asnam Earthquake (Algeria, 10/10/1980, M=7.2) Kariche Jugurtha,
Boughacha Mohamed Salah.
Application of Probabilistic-Fuzzy Approach in Seismic Hazard Prediction
Elham Boustan.
A Moment Magnitude Earthquake Catalogue for El Salvador and surrounding areas (1528-2009) and its implication for the Seismic Hazard Assessment
Walter Salazar.
Realıstıc Scıentıfıc Goal for Earthquake Forecastıng Kubilay Kaptan .
A New Precursor for Predicting Earthquakes
Boyko Iliev.
Statistical Analysis Before and After Strong Earthquakes Adamaki A. K.,
Papadimitriou E. E.,
Tsaklidis G. M.,
Karakostas V. G..
Modeling of Stress-Strain State of the Earth’s Crust of the Caspian Region for Prognosis of Seismic Process I.A. Garagash,
A.V. Dubovskaya.
Monitoring of Ionosphere Perturbations Preceding High Intensive Earthquakes on Data from Satellite Radio navigation Signal Receiver Network Andrii Tkachenko,
Victor Dedenok.
Statistical Features of Earthquake Waiting Times
Nadia Tahernia,
Morteza Khodabin.
Active Brace Control Of Frame Structures Under Earthquake Excitation Sinan Melih Nigdeli.
Optimization Of Tuned Mass Damper Parameters For Structures Subjected To Earthquakes
With Forward Directivity
Sinan Melih Nigdeli,
Gebrail Bekdaş.
Seismotectonic modeling for seismic hazard analysis of vardar zone in r. Macedonia
Prof. Biserka Risto, Dimiskovska.
Time-clustering analysis of the 1978-2008 sub-crustal seismicity of Vrancea region
Dr.Vasile Alcaz,
Luciano Telesca.
Informative parameters of vibroseismic wave fields in fractured and fluid-saturated media
M.S. Khairetdinov,
G.M. Voskoboinikova,
G.F. Sedukhina.
Estimation of QS and spectral decay parameter in southeastern Iran , Using strong motion data of rigan earthquakes (2010&2011)
Maryam Safarshahi ,
Hossein Hamzehloo,
Mehdi Rezapour
Hipothesis of origin of earthquakes as a result of anthropogenic mass transfer N.S. Buktukov,
G.P. Metaksa.

Forecasting of anthropogenic earthquakes and large-scale deviations of the environment from the balance
A.Ye. Vorobyev,
G.P. Metaksa,
G.Zh. Moldabaeva.

Differentiation of location of seismic sources in gechemical fields fluids R.A. Keramova.,
O.O. Osmanova.,
P.A. Abdulrazagova.
New technology of operative evaluation of seismic situation on geochemical fields of floids of Azerbaijan
R.A. Keramova.
New methods of earthquakes and tsunami sources determining, simulation, modeling and visualization.
Prof. Sergey Igorevich Kabanikhin,
Marinin I.V. ,
Krivorotko O.I.,
Komarov Victor,
Karas Adel , KhidasheliDavid
Investigation Of B-Value Variation Over South East Asia Mr. I Made Kris Adi Astra
Gravity Anomalies as Earthquake Precursors Recorded at ATROPATENA Network M.Qaisar,
Satellite Based Study of Thermal Infrared (TIR) Anomaly Recorded before Astor Valley (Pakistan) Earthquakes M. Qaisar,
N. Ahmad,
Zeeshan Jilani,
M. Awais
New Approaches To Earthquakes Prediction, Simulation And Visualization S.I. Kabanikhin,
B.G. Mikhailenko,
A. Hasanov,
A. Karas ,
D. Khidasheli,
A.S. Belonosov,
I.V. Marinin

SECTION 1 - Earth Sciences:

Traces Of The Ancient Civilization At The Bottom Of Caspian Sea
T. Sh.Khalilov,
E.N. Khalilov
Complex Networks of earthquakes and Aftershocks in Tehran Region Mostafa Allameh Zadeh.
AVO analysis application on 3 D seismic data DJEDDI Mabrouk,
Keteb Rachid.
Crustal structure of the Dead Sea Basin (DSB) from a receiver function analysis Mohsen, A.,
Asch, G.,
Mechie, J.,
Kind, R.,
Hofstetter, R.,
Weber, M.,
Stiller, M.,
Abu-Ayyash, K..
Petrophysical Properties and Compartmentalization by Geochemical Approach of Tank Tagi. Basin of Berkine. Saharian Platform Sadaoui m., Naioua O.,
Chaouchi R..
Seismicity and Seismic Protection in Ukraine Vitaly Starostenko,
Olexander Kendzera,
Olga Legostaeva,
Liudmila Farfuliak.
Elaboration of the Interdisciplinary Database for the Construction of the Geodynamic Models of Deep Structure of The Nature Disaster Regions (Neftegorsk Earthquake, Sakhalin Island) A.G.Rodnikov.
Pre-Alpine Geodynamics, Multi-Stage Regional Metamorphism and Granitoid Magmatism of the Caucasus Tamara Tsutsunava,
Irakli Gamkrelidze,
David Shengelia.
Geological Catastrophes and Event Deposits
Ferando Maisadze.
Variations of the total solar and spectral irradiance during unusual decreasing phase of the Solar Cycle 23 Prof. Marina Shalva,
Influence of Lunar-Solar Tides on the Geodynamic Processes at the Maximum Approach of the Moon to The Earth B.S. Aslanov.
The Strong Earthquakes in Albania in the Period 2004-2009
and the Procedure for Their Macro seismic Data Collection
Dr. Rexhep Koçi,
Rrezart Bozo.
Geodynamic and Seismic Risk in Albania Territory Dr. Rexhep Koçi,
Rrezart Bozo.
Increased seismic risk: Due to earthquakes or the human activities? Rumiana Glavcheva,
Margarita Matova.
Seismological Monitoring of Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Station V.S. Seleznev,
A.V. Liseikin,
A.A. Bryksin.
Deep Seismic Researches with Using of High-Power Vibration Sources at the Profiles in the East of Russia V.S. Seleznev,
V.M. Soloviev,
A.F. Emanov,
A.S. Salnikov,
V.N. Kashun,
A.V. Liseikin,
S.A. Elagin,
I.E. Romanenko, А.Е.Shenmayer.
The Hydrological Cycle and Natural Cataclysms in the Modern Civilization Christoph J. Blasi.
Active Seismic Monitoring Using High-Power Moveable 40-Tons Vibration Sources – Results, Outlooks V.M. Soloviev,
V.S. Seleznev,
A.F. Emanov,
V.N. Kashun,
S.A. Elagin,
I.E. Romanenko,
А.E. Shenmayer,
N.A. Serezhnikov
Modern Data on Deep Structure and Seismicity of Joint Area of Eurasian, North American and Okhotomorsk Plates V.M. Soloviev,
A.S. Salnikov,
V.Y. Timofeev,
S.V. Shibaev,
A.F. Petrov,
A.V. Liseikin,
A.E. Shenmayer,
V.V. Chechelnickiy.
Seismic investigation of the Earth’s crust of a unique province of Central Asia (Altai) with deep seismic sounding A. S. Salnikov,
A. S. Efimov,
V. L. Kuznetsov.
Natural Disasters in the Indian Ocean Region Md. Abu Taleb,
Dilshad Hussain .
Modeling and Assessment of Landslides Risk. Application on the slopes of the Algerian tell Dr Mohamed Said Guettouche.
Cataclysms: reasons of the origin and the ways of protection from them H.T. Hagverdiyev.
R.A. Akhundov.
A New Geodynamic Model for Formation and Evolution of the Earth Crust Deep Faults H.T. Hagverdiyev.
Pareto Optimum for Compiling Integral Hazard Maps O.K.Mironov.
A Numerical Study of the Explosive Cyclones: Role of the Available Potential Energy
Andrey Leonidovich Vetrov.
The study of sinkholes in the Moscow territory
I.V. Kozlyakova,
I.A. Kozhevnikova,
O.N. Eremina,
Yu.A. Azyukina.
Methods to Assess the Site Effects Based on Geophysical Measurements in Bucharest City, Romania Bala A.,
Aldea A.,
Grecu B.,
Hannich D..
Methods for computing direct and inverse problems of tsunami kinematics Andrey Marchuk.
Time and Spatial Aspects of Natural Catastrophes in Russian Landscapes
Air Aerosol as an Indicator of Catastrophic Processes in Russian Landscapes
Kuderina T.,
Voropaev A..
Correlation Between Seismic Vulnerability Index and Damage Belt in Bantul Graben, Yogyakarta Special Province, Indonesia Wahyudi,
Collision Tectonics of the North-Western Caucasus Popkov V. I..
Ring-Shaped Seismicity within Various Depth Ranges in the Region of Kuril and Kamchatka Yuri F. Kopnichev,
Inna N. Sokolova.
Ring-Shaped Seismicity Structures and Earthquake of 11/03/2011 (mw= 9.0) in the Region of the North-Eastern Japan Yuri F. Kopnichev,
Inna N. Sokolova.
The impacts of global climate changes on the hydro meteorological conditions of Azerbaijan Republic Prof. R.N. Mahmudov.
Catastrophic events on the Black Sea rivers against the background of global climate change, their development tendencies and adaptation activities. Tsisana Basilashvili,
Marika Tatishvili,
Mariam Elizbarashvili,
Shalva Elizbarashvili,
Jarji Tabatadze,
Magda Janelidze.
Modeling seismicity rate changes in the Aegean area Affected by stress field changes Leptokaropoulos, K. M.,
Papadimitriou E. E.,
Orlecka–Sikora, B.,
Karakostas V. G.
Seismicity and Risk Potential of Thrace Region, Now Turkey M. Alper Şengül,
Selda Altuncu Poyraz.
Tsunami Responsive Architecture: The use of multi-grid coupled tsunami model programme to redefine coastal architectural design strategies and decision making Jestin Nordin,
Andrew Charleson.
Disaster Management in Istanbul Railways Mehmet Fatih Döker,
Cem Kırlangıçoğlu.
The influence of technogenic factors on seismicity in the allocated areas of Altay-Sayan region and near lake Baikal Victor Seleznev,
Alexey Bryksin.
Vibroseismic Technology of Detection and Monitoring of Seismic-Volcano-Prone Zones
Anatoly S. Alekseev,
Gennady M. Tsibulchik,
Boris M. Glinsky,
Valery V. Kovalevsky,
Marat S. Khairetdinov.
Seismic Activity in the Southern Preurals Oxana Nikonorova.
Mechanical-Mathematical Modeling and Monitoring for Landslides Svalova, V.B..
Russian National System of Monitoring Geophysical Processes and Real Time Variations Thereof” Krivonosov R. I..
Seism tectonic Properties with Implications on Faulting Identification Revealed from Recent Seismicity in Mygdonia Basin (Macedonia, n. Greece) Gkarlaouni Ch.,
Karakostas V. ,
Papadimitriou E.,
Kilias A..
Outer Influences Affect To Anatoly Seismicity Archipova E.,
Anisimova O..
The 1912 Ganos Earthquake: Source Constraints Using Ground Motion Simulations
Prof. Anastasia A. Kiratzi.
Structural Resistivity Secret Of “Walled Obelisk “Monument Against Strong Earthquake Actions For Ten Centuries And Its Mathematical Model For Applications
Prof. Azer A.Kasimzade,
Soyhan Bal,
Gencay Atmaca.
Technique Of Geodynamic Monitoring For Hydrocarbon Deposits
Use Of Remote Sensing And Gis Methods For Mitigating The Impact Of Earthquakes In Cities Paraskevas Savvaidis,
Barbara Theilen-Willige,
Ioanna D. Papadopoulou, Ilias N. Tziavos.
Investigation of optimized water harvesting regions based on GIS
(a case study; Nazloochay Basin, Western Azerbaijan-Iran)
Prof. Karim - Solaimani.
The changing of deposit properties during volcanic ashes ageing (Kamchatka) Kuznetsova Elena,
Motenko Rimma.
Holocene Tectonic Activities On Mediterranean Shore Line At West North Sinai, Egypt Dr. El Sayed El Gammal.
The changing of deposit properties during volcanic ashes ageing (Kamchatka) Elena Kuznetsova.
Man’s First Flight from Pole to Pole Constantin Mohilnik, Sergiy Krutsenko
Natural Cataclysms and India Prof. K.S. Murty.
Mechanical-Mathematical Modeling And Monitoring For Landslides Dr. Valentina Borisovna Svalova.
Investigation of selected narrow bands intensity variations of the solar spectral irradiance during years 1981-2008 Kapanadze N.,
Gigolashvili M..
Averting Volcanic Winter, and other Preparations Mr. Nikos Efthimiu.
Pre-alpine geodinamics of the Caucasus , mult-stage regional metamorphism and granitoid magmatism I.P. Gamkrelidze,
D.M. Shengelia,
T.N. Tsutsunava.
Geological catastrophes and event deposits
The method of interpreting the spectral characteristics of objects at different time high resolution satellite images Z.R.Gasimov.
Investigation of optimized water harvesting regions based on GIS (A case study :NAZLOOCHAY BASIN , WESTERN AZERBAIJAN-IRAN ) Karim Solaimani,
Ali Goharnejad.
Ecotonene detection based on landsat ETM DATA (A case study : NORTHERN IRAN )
Karim Solaimani,
Fatemeh Shokrian.
A Study Of B-Value Precursors Applied To The Andaman-Sumatra Region Dr. Paiboon Nuannin.
Natural And Environmental Mineralogy Of Eolian Sediments, Indoor Dusts And Road Dusts In Kerman Urban Environment Dehbandi Reza,
Aftabi Alijan ,
Damangir Abbasali, Gharibhosseini Saeed.
Cataclysms as Universal Phenomena
Dr. Ildus Saetgalievich Nurgaliev.

SECTION 2 - Economy, Finances, International Law:

The forecast of dynamics of economic valuable characters of varieties of grain crops in the conditions of climate change.
Novikova L.Yu.,
Djubin V. N.,
Loskutov I.G.,
Zuev E.V.,
Seferova I.V.
Effects of Natural Disasters on Economy, Turkey Case
Özden Timurlenk,
Kubilay Kaptan.
Optimization of expenses for manufacturing company by statistical model
Saied jafarzadeh,
Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman,
Behzad Nadi,
Elmira Shamshiry.
Business Schools’ Global Responsible Leadership
Ludmila Petrashko.
A Contemporary Format of Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility
Ludmila Petrashko.
International humanitarian disaster and the international humanitarian aid
Adinyaev S.I.,
Karslyanc E.A..
Debates On Legitimacy And Cooperation: International Law Of Socio-Economic Institutions
Dr. Seyed Reza Eftekhari.
Bose Condensate as a catastrophe og the measure of kullabck-leibler information and debt crisis
New challenges in natural hazard insurance Damirov F.G

SECTION 3 - Cosmic-Terrestrial Relations,Chronobiology Program:

Innovative Blood Pressure Measurements For Proper Risk Stratification Considering Space Weather Effects Abdullah Alabdulgader, Franz Halberg.
Effects Of Solar Activity And The Earth’s Magnetic Field On Social Uprisings, Terrorism,
And Human Health: An Early
Abdullah Alabdulgader, Rollin McCraty.
The Term Astrology As System To Safety A.V. Karkov.
Cycles In The Occurrence Of Major Earthquakes
Germaine Cornelissen,
Hans Wendt,
Franz Halberg.
Self-Monitoring Of A Boy's Blood Pressure During 10 Years Reveals Transyear Dominating Over Calendar Year
Fumihiko Watanabe,
Germaine Cornelissen,
Yoshihiko Watanabe,
Kuniaki Otsuka,
Franz Halberg.
Physiological Changes In Relation To The 2011 East Japan Earthquake
Yoshihiko Watanabe,
Franz Halberg,
Kuniaki Otsuka,
Germaine Cornelissen.
Neonates As Particularly Sensitive Magnetoreceptors? E.V. Syutkina,
G. Cornelissen,
M. Mitish,
M.V. Narogan,
A.V. Surgyk,
O.S. Krylova,
A. Masalov,
O. Schwartzkopff,
F. Halberg.
Meta-Analytic History Of Congruent Cycles In Space Weather, The Human Mind And Other Affairs Franz Halberg,
Germaine Cornélissen,
Francine Halberg,
Patricia Grambsch,
Othild Schwartzkopff.

SECTION 4 - Health care:

Spatial Analysis of Earthquake Fatalities in the Middle East, 1970-2008
Mona Khaleghy Rad,
Alexander Brenning,
Stephen G. Evans.
Factors affecting the First Attempt Standard Test Achievement for Public Health Students in Thailand
Bunthose Rungpesh,
Bunthose Pyrush,
Areerat Phlitnontkiat,
Buaklai Tankimhong,
Piangdao Khamnuengsitthi.
Mobile cell medical complex, a new form of improving primary health care to prevent and reduce the risk of the consequences of emergencies and natural disasters
Dzhaynakbaev N.T.,
Ryskulova A.R..
Determination of the Incidence of Death and Congenital Malformations by Variations of Geocosmical Agents
R.G. Novoseltsev,
D.A. Petrashova,
S.D. Cherney,
A.N.Vinogradov, A.A.Martynova,
Decadal and multidecadal periods in human blood pressure and pulse Watanabe Y.,
Cornelissen G.,
Hillman D.,
Otsuka K.,
Halberg F..
Transition from Sunday-only MESOR-Normotension (pre-hypertension)to Sunday-inclusive MESOR-hypertension in the light of infradian periods in 23 years of half hourly measurements of blood pressure pulse
Watanabe Y.,
Cornelissen G.,
Halberg F..

Zeolite-containing products"LITOVIT"series.Soption activity studies E.G.Novoselova.

Usage of the products "LITOVIT" series in multimodaluty treatment of partiens with burns T.I.Novoselova.

Viral-bacterial mixed infections anf theirs clinical and cytomorphological appearance N.V.Abdullayeva,

Concerning issues , associated with spread and indication of virus flora in aqueous mediums F.E.Sadikhova, G.A.Guliyeva.

Anthrax and the possibility of adsorption of natural zeolite S.M. Ibragimova, T.S.Khalilova,

About the problem Y.ENTEROCOLITICA M.A.Rajabov ,
F.E.Sadykhov, T.S.Khalilova.
Zeolite-Containing Products “Litovit” Series Adaptation Of Organisms In High Load Conditions T.I. Novoselova.
Assessing Medical And Biological Value Of ‘Litovit’ Series Products E.G. Novoselova.
Application Of Natural Zeolite "Azeomed" As An Adsorbent Of Cytomegaloviruses Sh.T. Shikhaliyeva,
T.Sh. Khalilova.
Trace elements in medicine Kh. I. Ibadova,
T.Sh. Khalilova.
An examination of work accidents in the Turkish construction sector using failure mode and effect analysis and the development of a sustainable model for minimizing accidents
Yusuf Sait Turkan ,
Murat Anbarci .
Mobile cell medical complex , a new form improving primary health care to prevent and reduce the risk of the consequences of emergencies and natural disasters N.T. Dzhaynakbaev,
A.R. Ryskulova.
Lithophagial Methods Adaptation To Advers Environmental Factors Alexander Panichev,
Kirill Golokhvast.
The Relevance Of Azeomed In Medicine S.A. Muradhanova.
Correction of dysbacteriosis in application of Azeomed natural zeolite L.F. Rzayeva,
T.Sh. Khalilova,
F.E. Sadikhova.
How To Survive In Extreme Conditions
Tatyana Sergeevna Bahareva
How To Survive In Extreme Conditions
Vladimir Ivanovich Vuksta

SECTION 5 - Emergency management:

Special System Of Information Transfer To Natural Disaster Areas "SatPag" A.M. Abbasov,
E.N. Khalilov
Natural Disasters and Acts of the Population to Eliminate the Consequences
Jamila Nusrat Imamalieva,
Tukezban Jafar Hasanova.
The Term Astrology as System to Safety Andrey Vladimirovich Karkov
Remote Sensing Technologies Applied to Disasters Management in Algeria Prof. Youcef Smara.
Mingechevir Embankment Dam Collapse: Catastrophic Risk Analysis and Management
An Analysis of Iran's Cities Distributions in Related to Earthquake Hazard
Safar Ghaedrahmati,
R. Ghaneie,
The Flood Fighting Methods in Kur and Araz Rivers
Prof. Babakhanov N.A.,
Ph.D Musayeva Metanet.
Effects of Natural Calamities on the Azerbaijan Transport System
Prof. Babakhanov N.A.,
Dr. Isa Gasimov Ghuseyn.
The Map of Social Risk of Russia from the Hazardous Natural Processes as the Tool of Consequences’ Reduction from Emergency Situations
Dr. V. Burova;
Dr. V. Pyrchenko.
Natural Risks Management
Victor I. Osipov,
Nadezda A. Rumyantseva.
Consideration of extreme hydro-geological events in numerical forecasts of hydro-geological conditions change in the territory of important infrastructure objects
Gleb Batrak,
Stanislav Semenov,
Stanislav Seleznev,
Irina Galitskaya.
Main Problems on Community Based Disaster Education in Turkey
M.Alper Şengül.
A Social Network Analysis of Resilience in Chronic Hazard Settings
Graham A. Tobin,
Linda M. Whiteford,
Arthur Murphy,
Eric C. Jones,
Albert Faas.
Volcanic Eruptions and Urban Landslides: Health Following Disasters
Linda M. Whiteford,
Graham A. Tobin,
Eric C. Jones,
Arthur Murphy,
Cecilia Vindrola Padros, Sondra Kling,
Albert Faas.
Impact of Geoenvironmental Hazards in East Cairo, Egypt
Dr. El Sayed El Gammal.
Urban Flood Hazard Zonation in the City of Babolsar, Iran Dr. Sedigheh Lotfi.
Assessment of the Exent of Danger to Dams in Northeast Algeria from
Seismic and Related Flood Hazard
Mr. Milan Ilija Mitrovic.,
Bojovic. M.,
Ostojic. A..
Assessment of Seismic Hazard in Northeast Algeria by Applying Probabilistic Method Mr. Milan Ilija Mitrovic,
Bojovic. M..
Food Safety In Terms Of Global Climate Change And Technogenesis: Actual Issues And Ways Of Their Solution Prof. Ilyazov R.G..
Manmade Catastrophe Of Xx Century (Chernobyl, 1986): Philosophic Moral And Countermeasures Prof. Ilyazov R.G..
Globalization and modern urba-planning policy
Mr. Rufat Aghazadeh.
Urban Slope Failure threat and people-friendly early warning system in the klang valley region Malaysia P. Thanapackiam,
O. S. Khailrulmaini,
A. G. Fauza.
Application of urban design to vitalize the lost waterfronts in drought situation of Iran megacities
Rahman Tafahomi.
International Global Monitoring Aerospace System IGMASS – New Approach to the Disaster Management Issue Dr. Sergey Victorovich Cherkas,
Prof. Valeriy A. Menshikov
IGMASS as a Tool for Evolving Global and Regional Disaster Security Information Areas Dr. Sergey Victorovich Cherkas,
Prof. Valeriy A. Menshikov
Internet As A Tool For Forming Global Network For Prevention And Combating The Effects Of Global Natural Disasters. E. Ahmadov,
I. Valiyev,

SECTION 6 - Construction:

New Technology of Seismic Resistant Construction "Dancing Buildings Technology"
E.N. Khalilov,
F.G. Damirov.
Experimental Research of the Dynamic Parameters of High-Rise Skeleton-Type Buildings at Vibrating Seismic Loadings
Shakir Mamedov,
Tukezban Hasanova,
Jamila Imamaliyeva.
The Elements of Bıoharmologıcal Buıldıng Desıgn
Cevdet Emin Ekinci.
Underground Metallic Equipment’s Cathodic Protection from Electrochemical Corrosion Using Solar Energy
O.M. Salamov,
A.M. Hashimov.
Geochemical Evaluation of Arsenic in Effluents, Surface and
Groundwater in Ibadan Metropolis and Possible Remediation Methods

Laniyan T.,
Abimbola A.,
Sridhar M.
Assessment of risk caused by the natural hazards at the sanatorium construction site in the coastal zone of the Black Sea, the Pitsunda Peninsula
I.V. Kozlyakova,
I.P. Balobanov,
N.G. Anisimova.
Estimation of Seismic Treatments in Himalay Regions of India Using the Statistic of the Empirical Data
Aptikaev Feliks,
Erteleva Olga,
Baruah Saurabh,
Joshi Anand.
Construction Safety and Building Codes
Aptikaev Felix.
The nonlinear theory of interaction Underground constructions with a soil rock Under various extreme situations

T. Kayupov.
Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment of Metropolitan Tehran
Nadia Tahernia,
Noorbakhsh Mirzaei.
Research Of Movement Cylindrical Inclusions In The Viscoelastic Medium Described Model Foight Dr. Shakir Ahmad Mamedov.
The parameters that cause torsional irregularity in RC building under earthquake effect
Barish Sayin,
Gebrail Bekdash,
Barish Yildizlar.
Investigastion Of Sdof Idealisation For Structures With Optimum Tuned Mass Dampers
Gebrail Bekdaş,
Sinan Melih Nigdeli.
“Nestavilla” Building Technology: Dangerous For Life
P.R. Rymešová, K.N.Tomšík,
M.S. Svatoš.
Integrated Approaches For The Evaluation Of The Damages And Retraining Of Historical Centres: The Case Of Paganica (AQUILA).
Mrs. Rosa Grazia De Paoli

SECTION 7 - Ecology and Environment:

Analysis and interpretation of heavy metals atmosphere concentration obtained by nuclear techniques in Algiers urban site

Gh.Brahmi .
Oil spill detection and identification using radar SAR images
Applied to the Algerian coasts

Y. Smara,
S. Bouchaib,
S. Malki.
Distribution and Natural Transformation of Fuel Oil Spilled in the Strait Of Kerch in November 2007 (Three-Year Observational Results)
Kuznetsov A.N.,
Fedorov Yu.A..
Comparative Study of the Influence of the Ions Na+ and K+ in the Inhibition Process by Mass Loss
L. Sail,
F. Ghomar,
A. Bezzar,
O. Benali.
Classification of environmental impacts on vital activity objects and of recommendations for decision making
E.D. Vyazilov.
The influence of anthropogenic factors to the hydrological regime of rivers and the estimation of ecological flow
Y.M. Eyvazova.
Oil Production and Ecology of the Caspian Basin
Mir-Babayev M.F.,
Khalilova A.A.,
Mamedova H.G..
Assessment of Hazard and Risk, caused by Groundwater Contamination in the Urban Territory in the Extreme Emergency
Galitskaya, I. V.,
Batrak G.I.,
Kostikova I.A..
Biotechnology of Aquaculture for Rehabilitation of Sturgeon Species’ Gene Pool
G.G. Matishov,
E.N. Ponomareva.
The influence of horseradish (armoracia rusticana) and common comfrey (symphytum officinale) upon the edible terrestrial snails helix aspersa muller (cornu aspersum) during heat wave and drought as means to improve snail farming technologies
Adrian Toader-Williams,
Roberto F Nespolo.
The influence of some perennial plants and sel-plex upon the development, resistance to extreme climate conditions and meat quality of the edible terrestrial snails as one of the most efficient and ecological sound animal protein source for human consumption
Adrian Toader-Williams,
Aurel Şara ,
Mihai Radu Pop,
Maria Dana Bobiţ ,
Mihai Benţea,
Matei Marcel Duda.
Treatment of urban wastewater treatment (city of Annaba in Algeria) by the lime waste from the ENGI
Ayeche Riad,
Hamdaoui Oualid.
Weekly Cycle in the Atmosphere: Natural versus Anthropogenic Origin
A.N. Gruzdev.
Quasi-Decadal Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide Variations and Solar Activity
A.N. Gruzdev.
Probability distribution on faults near the city of Thessaloniki (Northern Greece)
Paradisopoulou P. M.,
Papadimitriou E. E.,
Mirek J.,
Karakostas V. G..
The geoecological problems of natural arsenic poisoning of drinking water in Daghestan republic.
Abdulmutalimova T.O.,
Revich B.A..
Environmental Protection from Exposure Electromagnetic Radiation

Human, Natural Environment and Architecture
Mansour Yeganeh.
New Concept of Forest Fire Danger Forecast in Russian Federation
Baranovskiy N.V..
Mathematical Modeling as a Tool to Prediction of Forest Fire Danger
Baranovskiy N.V.,
Kuznetsov G.V..
Ecotonene Detection Based On Landsat Etm+ Data (A Case Study; Northern Iran) Prof. Karim - Solaimani.
Environmental Process Based Education and Research for Better Life and Enactment of International Policy Act on Environment 2011 Prof.Dr Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer.
Modeling Of Consequences On Environment Through Analysis Of Industrial Risks Prof. Biserka Risto Dimiskovska.
Risk Reduction due to Industrial Pollution by Geospatial Modeling Saied Jafarzadeh,
Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman,
Behzad Nadi,
Elmira Shamshiry.
Addressing the environmental safety in emirgence situations
Eco Ethic Problems In Azerbaijan Agriculture Q.Sh.Mammadov.
Use Of New Technologies In Sollution Of Environmental Problems In Azerbaiijan Q.Sh.Mammadov.

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